Winter Smiley, 2016


2016 FILMS

Motherlands Winter Smiley

Island of Misfit Boys Justin Wellington

Life Rolls On Reagan Yorke

Human Amy Loeber

Admissions Daniel Perea 

David and Goliath Rachel Lee 

Miracle Baby Sienna DiMuro

Full Circle Brittany Schotsch

Perfect Imperfection Cianna Platt

Living in Freedom Evan Nguyen

Can I Ask You a Question? Fabricio Duarte

Oracle Nolan Fitzmaurice

Art Survives Imanol Cobian

2016 Playlist (including behind-the-scenes and Q&As)



Admission, Daniel Perea, 2016

Admission, Daniel Perea, 2016



Motherlands Winter Smiley

Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, Scout Film Festival (Stowe, VT)2017 Long Beach Indie Film, Media, and Music Festival – Nominated for Best Youth Filmmaker

Island of Misfit Boys (Justin Wellington) – Central Film Fest (Springfield, MO)

Life Rolls On (Reagan Yorke) – Malibu Teen Film Festival, DIYDS 2017 (Boston, MA), We Care Film Fest (New Delhi, India), SCREEN Student Film Festival (Santa Monica, CA), Scout Film Festival (Stowe, VT), National Film Festival for Talented Youth (Seattle, WA), Newport Beach Film Festival, Festival of Recorded Movement (Vancouver), Doc Sunback Film Festival (Mulvane, KS), Los Angeles Diversity Film Festival, 2017 MY HERO International Film Festival (2nd Place Prize)

Human (Amy Loeber) – Malibu Teen Film Festival, Love >>> Film Series (NYC), Central Film Fest (Springfield, MO)

Admissions (Daniel Perea) – Central Film Fest (Springfield, MO)

David and Goliath (Rachel Lee) – Malibu Teen Film Festival, Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, Central Film Fest (Springfield, MO), iVIE Student Film Festival (San Diego, CA), Busan International Kids and Youth Festival (South Korea)

Miracle Baby (Sienna DiMuro) – San Diego Latino Film Festival 2017

Perfect Imperfection (Cianna Platt) – Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival

Living in Freedom (Evan Nguyen) – Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival


Find Name, "PacArts: A Movement of Compassion" The San Diego Foundation, April 20, 2016


“I found a way of sharing my story—our story—through film. Reel Voices taught me to see film not just as a form of art, but as a way of resistance. To say yes. We exist. Yes, we matter. Our stories matter. And they deserve to be listened to, to be seen.”

– Winter Smiley, RV Class of 2016

“Reel Voices was the most amazing experience I’ve had so far in my lifetime. Reel Voices made me realize that there is a way of putting out my voice out into the world for others to hear and that my voice is still important and it can impact many people.”

– Sienna DiMuro, RV Class of 2016